Thursdays 6 - 7.15pm June - July 2020 | Online via Zoom

Mandalas: Mindfulness & Creativity Workshop


One part mindfulness, one part creativity. Mandalas are a universal symbol to awaken and enliven your creative practice.


"It's the best part of the week."

"These workshops have really helped me establish a more grounded sense of mindfulness over the past couple of months."

"I feel like I've just had a brain massage!"


Welcome to The Mandala Club!

Each week we will meet to explore the concept of the mandala through themes, symbols and drawing. You can drop in for a single session at anytime, or expand your mandala practice with a different theme each week.

Mandalas are symbols of peace and strength (and much, much more!). In making mandalas we cultivate these qualities, as well as create a relaxing, therapeutic and energising space for ourselves and others.


**No experience needed, minimal materials required.**

These workshops are suitable for complete beginners or seasoned pro's alike, anyone and everyone is invited to mindfully put their hand to making a mandala, and develop a practice for you to "take home". You can join at any time, there will always be an introduction and definition offered at the beginning of each workshop.

All you will need to attend is something to draw on, and something to draw with. A sheet of paper and a pen or pencil are the only essentials. You don't need loads of fancy coloured pens or a mathematician's geometry set to make a mandala - it's great if you already have them and want to bring them into your drawing, but they are by no means necessary at this point. There will be suggestions for how to use the materials you have available, and a live demonstration will be provided of how to make the themed mandala of the week.


We will begin with a brief introduction on the basic concept of a mandala, followed by a short guided mindfulness exercise, leading into drawing a mandala of your own - in your own space at your own pace. I will offer insights, guidance, theory and tips whilst you are making your mandala.

There will also be an opportunity to connect with others, reflect on your personal mandala and discuss anything which may have come up during the session at the end, if you wish to.


The language of mandalas is dynamic and evolves over time. Each week we draw inspiration from cycles of change and circles throughout nature - the sun, the moon, the seasons. These elements will be a part of the guided meditations, and actively brought into the mandalas we will make.



(June 11th:) Gratitude Mandalas - Connecting to that which we are grateful for.

(June 18th:) Communicating Kindness - Creating a mindful connection to the power of words in our practice.

(Wednesday June 24th:) Sun Mandalas - A celebration of the solstice and longer, sunnier days.

(July 2nd:) Star Mandalas - Drawing on star systems and constellations.

(July 9th:) Lotus Mandalas - Learning about the meaning behind the Lotus, and incorporating its visual iconography into our mandalas this week.

(July 16th:) Portals - How can we use mandalas as an imaginative tool to connect with places and spaces.

(July 23rd:) Mantra Mandalas - Actively working with words, phrases, affirmations and intonations.

(July 30th:) Micro & Macro Mandalas - Looking at the language of mandalas from the very smallest of worlds to the largest, and everything in between.


*Note that all of the sessions run on Thursdays, with the exception of Wednesday 24th June (instead of Thursday 25th)

*Also note that you can join at any of the weeks, there will be an overview and introduction given in each session. The themed weeks are simply for regular participants looking to deepen their mandala art practice.


Like so many others, I have had to pause my regular work (which came in the form of teaching art classes). If you are in a position to support me and these workshops, there is a suggested donation of £5-10, as well as a donation based option to pay-what-you-can. If you aren't able to contribute financially, please feel free to get in touch to let me know your circumstances. Above all else, this is a space for cultivating wellness, creativity and community and I will do my best to facilitate this.


The workshop will be delivered live online via Zoom, the link for which you will receive in an email confirmation after booking through the Eventbrite page.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!