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New Dates for Conscious Dreaming Workshops in Bristol!

Thursday 4th April 2024 7-9pm @ Gasworks Studio, St. Werburghs, Bristol, BS2 9XB



Movement, music & meditations, relaxation, visualisation

& connection. You will be guided through restful and restorative exercises that promote and incubate the induction of lucid dreams, which you will be able to

take home with you and continue working with.

Copy of Dream Yoga Workshop Poster .png

★★★★★ “Magic…pure magic. The space, the music, the journey you led us on was all absolutely dreamy!” - Angela

★★★★★ “I’ve not tried working with my dreams before this, but your explanation and guidance on how to work with them has given me a lot to think about. I’m excited to try some of the techniques you suggested out tonight!” - Mark

★★★★★ “I often have quite weird and vivid dreams, and one recurring dream that happened again last night after your workshop. I remembered to reality-check, and for the first time I experienced becoming lucid, it was beautiful, the way the water looked with sunlight reflecting off it, and how real it felt to touch…just incredible. Thank you!” - Sophie

Whether you struggle with remembering your dreams, or you’re a seasoned conscious dreamer, you are warmly invited to this experiential workshop to explore the role of dreams in our lives, develop an active relationship with them, and practise a range of techniques to help induce lucid dreams.

More details and booking available from

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