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Artist & Workshop Facilitator

Mandalas. Earthworks. Dreamwork Practices.

My name is Dan, I am a visual artist who specialises in mandalas and sacred circles, based in the UK. 

Through art, workshops and tutoring, I explore meaningful and transformative creative experiences that are inclusive and accessible.



At the heart of my practice is my work with mandalas & sacred circles.

Drawing on Buddhist Art, Jungian Psychology, and cross-cultural, archetypal patterns, these process-oriented symbols offer a rich and dynamic history, which may connect us to our inner and outer worlds, the micro and macrocosm of our experience.

To learn more about mandalas, come along to one of my workshops, or take a look at the available resources.

Buddha Head 2023.png


My nature-based sculpture practice makes use of found and foraged, sustainable and reclaimed materials.

Creating site-specific ephemeral and semi-permanent works for gardens, green spaces, events and festivals, each piece offers an invitation to connect, reflect, and consider our personal collective relationship to the environment.

You can see more Earthworks in the portfolio, or get in contact if you are interested in commissioning a sculpture.


My current academic studies are focused on the transpersonal dimension of dreams.

Dreamwork practices are explored throughout the world's cultural traditions, and more recently by Western scientific research, offering insights, greater reflective self-awareness, and understanding our role in the world at this time.

Through dream incubation, reflective analysis, and lucid-dream induction techniques, I offer dreamwork sessions with groups and individuals to facilitate a holistic connection to ourselves through active dreaming.

In the resources section you can find suggestions on how to get started with dreamwork, or get in contact for 1-2-1 sessions.

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