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Mandala Artist & Creative Workshop Facilitator

My name is Dan, I am a visual artist who specialises in mandalas and sacred circles, based in the UK. 

Through my art, workshops and tutoring, I aim to provide meaningful creative experiences that are accessible to anyone and inclusive for everyone.

A meaningful creative experience is, I believe, achieved through connection. Connection comes, first of all, to self. In my artwork I focus on process above outcome. Through this shift in mindset, a naturally meditative and therapeutic space emerges which actively combines learning and healing for the heart, head and hand.

Connection to others comes second. It is from this love of making artwork in this way that I started sharing more of it. Opening up to the people around me about the tools and techniques I was using. This grew organically into facilitating and leading creative workshops, which has become integral to my practice.

The workshops I run are intentionally open to everyone. Creativity is the language of the universe, and every one of us is creative. When nurtured and encouraged in the right way it expands in transformational ways, something I have had the fortune of seeing first-hand with many of my students. Through teaching, I am in service with what I believe is the best gift I have to bring forward and offer up. Teaching is the greatest way to learn!


Lastly, but by no means least, is connection to all. A meaningful creative experience brings us closer to the nature of reality. Once connections have been established with ourselves, and with others, intrinsically resonant moments start to appear in all angles of our perspective. With gratitude and humility I'm thankful for whatever the universe sends my way. Opportunities and challenges are one and the same, it can all be experienced and processed through the making of art.

If you'd like to connect, I'm on Facebook and Instagram with my artworks from process to finish, YouTube for videos, Insight Timer for meditations, original artworks and prints are available through my Etsy Shop, Spotify for music collections and Eventbrite for Workshop Bookings.

There's also a newsletter for updates, insider access and discounts which you can sign-up for below, and of course this website to compile it all in one place. 

Alternatively, if you'd like more details about anything in particular - be that the art, workshops or tutoring, just send over a message and I'll get back to you!

With Creativity & Kindness,