Saturdays 10.30am - 12pm | Starting June 13th 2020 

Online via Zoom

Sacred Circles & Geometry Series


The Sacred Circles & Geometry Online Workshop Series are an opportunity to connect with the principal elements that can be found in structures throughout nature.


Sacred Circles and Geometry are the language through which the universe speaks. There are shapes, patterns and forms found throughout nature which reveal to us a connection between all things.

Throughout history, many cultures have worked with Sacred Circles and Geometry to construct architecture, art and medicine. In drawing these symbols we bring ourselves on a journey to a deeper understanding, of ourselves and the world around us.


Many people falsely believe that you have to be religious, or even just spiritually-inclined to work with these symbols - you do not.

There are many practical benefits to working with the icons and imagery of Sacred Circles and Geometry; to improve your technical drawing ability, to spend some time in a shared creative and meditative space, or because you are interested and want to find out more about what it all means.


In joining this workshop, it is my aim and hope that you will take away the feeling of being refreshed, invigorated and inspired.

To see the images of sacred geometry in books and diagrams only goes so far. These symbols are brought to life by drawing them, illuminating the page. In constructing them by hand, step-by-step, we become more capable of visualising them with a clearer vision, and we start to discover them in natural forms, flowers, planets and stars.


Each week of the Sacred Circle series, we will outline the basic principles of the chosen symbol, use hands-on practical techniques to draw it, and also look towards the deeper meaning to bring it to life in the fullest sense. There will be meditations and reflections offered, and an opportunity to discuss and share personal insights throughout the process, if you wish to.


These workshops will be made to be as accessible as possible, so no previous experience will be necessary.

Materials required:

- A decent/high quality compass

- A good quality pen

- One HB pencil

- An eraser

- A pencil sharpener

- A 30cm+ ruler

- A set of coloured pencils/pens

- A drawing pad: A3 or A4

- A table or desk to draw on


For each of the Sacred Circle series, we will choose a different symbol to work with:

June 13th: Vesica Piscis

June 20th: Seed of Life

June 27th: Egg of Life

July 4th: Flower of Life

July 11th: Fruit of Life

July 18th: Metatron’s Cube

*Note that you can join for one of the sessions on any of the weeks, but you will benefit more from the series if you attend multiple sessions or this term in full.


The workshop will be delivered live online via Zoom, the link for which you will receive in an email confirmation after booking through the Eventbrite page.